Dietary Supplements for Burning Fat and Losing Weight

Dietary Supplements for Burning Fat and Losing Weight

Millions of people are looking for dietary supplements for burning fat and losing weight today. The obesity level in our country has climbed to an all-time high. The kinds of foods we eat are unhealthy, and are leading to a country full of unhealthy people.

When people have tried changing their diets and exercising, with no major results, then they turn to dietary supplements for burning fat and losing weight. A large part of these supplements can be bought ‘over the counter’. And the prescription diet pills are much harder to come by, caused by crackdowns due to the abuse of the past few decades.

Bitter Orange is a dietary supplement that when you couple it with the right exercise, can substantially increase the number of calories that you’re able to burn. It’s often compare to ‘ephedra’, which has been known to carry a few side effects.

Chitosan is an absorption blocking supplement. For the most part it’s safe to take, but any weight loss results will be insignificant. The side effects make it hardly worth it, things like constipation and bloating, along with stomach problems.

Chromium is a supplement that helps build muscle and lower your body fat. But again, no majorly significant weight losses.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is an appetite suppressant that promotes building muscle also. Diarrhea and indigestion may result in its use.

Country Mallow, sometimes referred to as ‘heartleaf’, that will reduce appetite and burn more calories. It actually DOES contain Ehedra, so dangers are involved in its use. Just because something can be sold ‘over the counter’ doesn’t automatically make it safe to use.

Ephedra was finally banned by the FDA and has been a contributor to heart attacks. It causes the blood pressure to rise which can lead to seizures and strokes and even death. You can still legally obtain Ephedra in many places, but it is ill-advised for health reasons. However recent laws have changed so you can legally order ephedra online.

Green Tea is now a rage in the health world. It’s anti-oxident contributions and metabolism increasing values, make it a very sought after natural health enhancer. In extract form, however, there may be some problems again with diarrhea or vomiting, and indigestion. The caffeine is troublesome to many when dieting. You can even get free green tea offers online.

Guar Gum lowers the dietary fat absorption and causes you to have a ‘full’ feeling, thus helping to lower your caloric intake. It probably won’t cause significant weight loss and can have some side effects of its own. Flatulence and intestinal obstruction may appear if not taken with water.

Hoodia is a well-known supplement that works as an appetite suppressant. But for weight loss overall, it really can make no substantial claims. This is also being packaged together with ephedra.

Guarana is another superfruit that is a popular supplement in energy drinks. I personally get guarana supplements or drinks in the morning for an extra kick or before a workout session.

Colon Cleansers are being promoted on television a lot lately. Products such as Dual Action Cleanse and Colon Wipe are really taking the health and diet market by storm because of the effectiveness colon cleansers have for weight loss. You can read Dual Action Cleanse reviews online or get a sample of free colon cleanse.

Acai Berry is perhaps the world’s healthiest fruit. Acai berries contain the highest amount of antioxidants and has even been proven to fight against certain cancers. Acai is a definite must for those looking for the best superfruit and weight loss supplement.

There is much study for the dieter to engage in before jumping into a dietary supplement for fat burning and weight loss product. On the positive side, if you find the right one, and use it correctly, they can sometimes save you money and add to your weight loss in a positive manner. But be careful, and take pains in your choosing.