What is the best colon cleanse?

What is the best colon cleanse?

I want to try a colon cleanse and have been browsing through the different kinds and reading a lot of reviews, a lot of them look good.But there are soo many to choose from! I want to get one that will help me with gas and bloating and help me become regular.
Does any have some that they’ve used or have heard good things of personally? If so can you tell me how long it takes to start noticing a difference and if the prices are worth it.


I work for many hours at a time where standing up is required. I can’t seem to concentrate on my work because my back hurts really bad. I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago but my doctor suggested physical therapy. I do physical therapy and I’m fine. Whenever standing up seems to be the only requirement, my muscles tighten. What should I do about this back pain?

My lower back is killing me. Random shocks of pain are becoming more frequent and intensifying… Where should I go & what should I be looking for?

There are times I get lower back pain. Some tell me its the sciatic nerve that causes pain. I can lift weights but if I do, it has to be with a back brace. If I lift w/o the back brace I will wake up the next morning with pain to my lower back. The only thing that helps is stretching. Is there anything else I can do to make the pain go away?

I’ve suffered with back pain for six months now, and after having numerous physiotherapy treatments, I’ve now been referred to podiartry. I’ve heard Pilates can help people in my position and just wondered if anyone knew of a good pilates dvd to tackle back pain.

If anyone has tried and tested any Pilates dvd please let me know, I’m desperate for some relief! Thanks.

I want to clear up all the gunk in my colon without paying a lot of money for fancy products. Is there a homemade thing to eat that will help do the trick?

2 days ago i had pain in the lower back. I can’t bend very well without pain. Does anyone know anything about it???

I have been to the doctor and been told that I have strained my lower back. I have been given strong pain killers and told to sleep on the floor. I will do this (and I have heard of this technique before) but I just wondered why lying on the floor will help?

I operate a computer terminal with a keyboard and work an average of 4 hours daily. My chair just broke and I need to buy a new one, but I want to get the right one. I suffer from chronic neck and lower back pain.

I have become dependent on using a heating pad every night to go to sleep because my back hurts so badly and won’t straighten out easily. Do I possible have a medical condition that I should have chekced out by a doctor? Are there any good home or over-the-counter remedies for my back pain? Thanks!