Sunday - Forget Fad Fitness

Sunday - Forget Fad Fitness

You Don''t Need to be Popular to be Fit

Arms are still sore from Friday’s weights only 5am session. It feels good.

Yesterday didn’t happen – had been up most of the previous night taking care of a very sick Big Bear- but I’m back today. Thought about doing legs, but over the past 2 mornings I’ve had Charlie horses in each leg. Common for Preggos apparently. My goal is to tackle legs early in the week and try to get in a schedule of sorts.

Sometimes waking up at 5am leaves me very tired at work, but Friday was fine, so I’m going to see if I can make AM workouts a thing. If I only work out in the afternoon it doesn’t leave time for household chores.

If we ever have a girl…

Growing up I had a weight problem. I was one those kids that was contributing to the “childhood obesity epidemic.” After choosing to make a change, I made significant progress in high school and lost over 50lbs. It hasn’t been without bumps in the road over the past ten plus years, but I’ve been dedicated to living a healthier life ever since and now I want to help others too.

Forget Fad Fitness is meant to be honest and positive while cutting through all the confusing, contradicting and painfully awful fitness and nutrition trends that are out there.