Calling All Health Buffs

Calling All Health Buffs

How to Break through Targets and Get them Exercising

Health and fitness is the new lifestyle and with an exercise facility business, promotions to call new prospects can be a struggle. A marketing campaign that directly involves your targets is one way to convince prospects to go clean and green, even with health.

Planning a breakthrough with a new group of exercise junkies requires a little bit of legwork. As a business owner, setting up a team of trainers in different fields of expertise can be used to branch out into several campaigns at the same time.

  1. Supply info: Before you get into a campaign, providing information on the benefits prospects can get from your exercise establishment will be a good introduction. Since exercise is a hectic activity, letting your target customers in on how health classes can be beneficial is encouraging. Also, providing additional info like healthy recipes can make your print material more interesting. Business cards can be the best solution for this type of promotion since the print has a capacity to carry a lot of information, photos, and is handy for recipients.
  2. Special class incentives: Trainers can host a few free classes at the gym for target clients. This gives prospect future health buffs to have a taste of your services and witness the facilities and equipment you provide.
  3. Small Community Visits: Trainers can go off site and visit different communities like schools, villages, or offices and give a free class also. While at site, giving out promo materials, a short presentation or speech for your targets to further understand your service helps in building your business’ goals.
  4. Card them: When encountering prospects, handing out brochure printing along with other materials will raise your chances of building a clientele. A professional-looking card design that matches an exercise service helps in keeping the uniformity of your company’s goals.

When promotions involve convincing, stretching efforts to new and added strategies for your prospects can double your chances to win your targets’ trust, and actually enroll in the services offered.

Kristine is a content writer, with years of experience in the marketing and public relations industry. Currently, she resides in the Philippines working in the field of marketing.

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