Is the quesadilla, perhaps, the most perfect food ever?

Is the quesadilla, perhaps, the most perfect food ever?

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Is the quesadilla, perhaps, the most perfect food ever?

Cheese and chicken wrapped in a tortilla, dipped in sour cream or guacamole.

No, deep dish pepperoni pizza is from Lou Malnotti’s

That distinction belongs to the banana, you ninny!

Nope, pastasalad or rice salad. You just put in whatever you want, use oil and vinegar and you have the best and really healthy food!

Of course it is. Specially because you can adapt the abstraction of the concept to pretty much whatever. While originally a Quesadilla is cheese (queso) in a tortilla, you can add whatever you want, shrimps, chicken as you do, or even fish (pescado), which in Guerrero and other coastal places in Mexico is known as Pescadilla.

Yes, minus the sour cream part.

nachos too. . . . nothin’ like carbs & cheese for a satisfying meal! Especially if you’re broke like me!

Oh yes! I have a simple cheese quesadilla for lunch about 4 times a week.

YES! with extra sour cream AND guacamole, shredded onions, tomatoes. I make mine with sharp cheese and pepper jack.

Nope, it’s not. The banana is.

Quesadillas are very high in fat and carbs. Not to mention the sour cream . . . you must be a chunk, huh?

It is a very delicious food. Not the best, but a very high pointer.

Incidentally, have you ever tried Salvadoran Quesadillas? They are completely different (the only real trait they share is the name and the fact they use cheese on the recipe) but ooooooh so good. Think of them as a cross of cheesecake and cornbread. . . you HAVE to try them.

Yes it definitly is. Minus the guacayucky.

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